Our mission is to minister to those who serve God by offering a regular uplift as well as provide useful humor items that can be shared with others as sermon illustrations or used for personal enjoyment.

Sermon Fodder Ministries

Sermon Fodder is a Christian humor list that offers anecdotes, jokes, other Christian and church-related humor in regular email postings. While our material is for personal enjoyment, it is often used by pastors and Sunday school teachers as lesson and sermon illustration material. Many Sermon Fodder subscribers use items from our postings as filler material in church bulletins, church newsletters and other publications. Each posting contains a humor item followed by a modern day parable or uplifting devotional item. Our material is gleaned from other humor services on the Internet and from first-person contributions from our subscribers. As often as possible we attempt to credit the original source.

The Sermon Fodder list started in 1995 when founder Keith Todd realized that several of his minister friends were carrying quite a burden. Ministers spend their time lifting up others, but often have their own struggles that they are reluctant to share with others. In an effort to provide a regular uplift for pastors, the group was formed with about thirty members. Posts were sent out about twice a week. Today, there are more than 11,000 members on three associated groups.

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